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Eye-controlled games

For children that suffer speech impariment or are unable to use a computer with mouse and keyboard.
For children that have developmental issues or are affected by neurological brain damage.

Tailored to your needs

Every child can get their own Okulo.
Play games prepared specifically for you.


Your home monitor

Your home computer with Windows


Okulo software

Monitor stand
adapted to your child’s needs





With the Okulo app, you see the same thing on two independent screens. The child controls the games using own eyes . You control them using a mouse cursor.

At last, you can play the games TOGETHER, learn and solve tasks.

You can help each other and compete – communicate in an active way.

Tobii eyetracker

Okulo is a set of educational mini-games that your child can control with eye movements. It requires the commonly available computer hardware and the eyetracker from Tobii.

Okulo is a social project coordinated by the Per Aspera Foundation for the Support of Social Activity.

We create a community that will enable Okulo to reach all those in need and will continue to develop, offering new games, exercises and textbooks to children.

Our Blog

Okulo – v1.36

Presenting the new “quick answers” panel. It allows the patient to respond to the caregivers questions. Female and male voices available.

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Okulo – v1.34

New features!!! The options screen is activated by closing the eyes and turning off the eye tracking by the supervisor using SPACEBAR.

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Okulo – v1.33

Youtube support is now part of the Okulo platform! Children can play movies and music on their own, while caregivers can prepare playlists for them.

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